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I was training for a marathon 13 years ago and hurt my knee during hill work.  I had been training on my own using a book. I was following the plan, but overdid it.  Looking back, I did so many things wrong. Over the years I tried several times to get through the training runs, but inevitably the knee issue would come back forcing me to stop training. The most recent attempt was the spring of 2017.  I tried looking advice up on the internet and using different knee braces, but nothing was working. Finally, I decided to get some professional advice and found Kristina.

What a difference, with her advice and coaching I was able to get through the training and really never had a knee problem.  There were other things that came up, but my knee never became a big hurdle. I had to work through the flu in the middle of training, an Achilles tendon problem and some hip pain, but with Kristina’s encouragement and guidance I was able to overcome these issues.  The guidance for me included altering the planned miles, learning new stretches, and changing my stride and pace. This spring, after 13 years, I finally reached my goal and finished the Buffalo Marathon!

Kristina’s plan was catered to me and my dream of finishing a marathon.  I can find plenty of plans and advice on the internet, but I needed someone who could slice through all that information to get to a plan for me.  One I could follow and that worked for me. I needed to have someone I could ask specific questions and get answers. I would send her my run data and how I was feeling and she would give me feedback all along the way.  Things like what to wear for the weather conditions, fueling, and how much water or other drinks I should take on the runs. Several times I thought I might not reach my goal, but knowing there was someone watching what I was doing, and who was there for me during the rough days, made all the difference.  

Thank you Kristina, I could not have reached my goal without you!

~ Robert Grant

Buffalo Marathon 5/27/18

I got started with Kristina through a friend of mine who wanted to get fit and lose weight. I was already into health and fitness, but wanted that extra push, and boy, did Kristina give it to me! She challenged me to get my minute per mile down, and I did, by almost two minutes! She also encouraged me, and because of her, I am going to be training for the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon in September and hopefully, to run the full 26.2 miles of the Buffalo Marathon next May! I look forward to working with Kristina more, and encourage anyone who needs that "extra motivation" or a place to start, to work with her!

~Cheryl Yurek

Buffalo Marathon John Beishline Memorial  5K 5/26/18

When I started training with Kristina I had never run an official 5k race. I knew of her training from doing virtual runs through Medal Chasers, and decided to give it a try since those runs were a little rough for me and I wanted to start getting into better shape. The Buffalo Marathon John Beishline Memorial 5k was the race I decided to train for. When I started training for it I had two goals, to finish in under 30 minutes and to run the whole race without having to slow to a walk. With Kristina's help I was able to accomplish both on race day. She was able to work with me to put together a training schedule that fit my schedule, and made sure I kept up with it adjusting it week to week if need be due to my schedule. I've already recommended her to some of my friends who are thinking of getting into running. I am now training with her again for the Mighty Niagara half marathon this fall.

~Eric Patterson

Buffalo Marathon John Beishline Memorial 5k 5/26/18

Mighty Niagara Half Marathon 9/15/18

**KC.Run.Coach has literally changed my life! For years now, I have battling daily struggles that many deal with, but can't always externally share. From depression, to being over weight, to just the everyday grind; I was suffering from not being able to find the right workout plan.

After taking to Coach Craig, about getting my start to running, she completely set the plan in motion. I, signed for her half-marathon training program, and was amazed at how detail- oriented Coach Craig was. She laid out an easy to read program, that had a variety of workouts that kept the training both fun, yet simplistic. She helped me find resources to get the correct sneakers, resources for a better diet, and frequently throughout the training, gave her expert advice on running tips and tricks.

As many of us do, there were times where I tried to push too hard, and even times when I was slacking off. It never failed, each morning after a run she was there to give advice and insights, with weekly reminders to keep grinding and get off the couch!

So here are the results: From barely being able to finish a mile, I completed my first half-marathon in under two hours, with each mile being just under or well under a 9:00 minute mile pace (Sub 2-hour half-marathon). Coach Craig not only made me reach my goal, but made me stronger, faster, and skinnier. After completion of her program I dropped nearly 30 pounds.

Coach Craig is a true inspiration, an amazing mentor and coach, and comes highly recommended by me! If you are an athlete, a runner trying to get better results, or just starting a fitness plan (incorporating walking/running) she is the coach you have been looking for. Needless to say, Coach Craig, you not only changed my running, but have saved and restored my life. Looking forward to starting my full-marathon training!

~Todd Patterson

September 22, 2018


After suffering a shin injury that brought my running to a screeching halt, I sought out the help of KC Run Coach once cleared to begin running again by my physical therapist. KC created a tailor made plan for me. I truly have learned SO MUCH about myself, running in general and all the other details you don’t think about (like what to WEAR, what kind of shoes do you need, what if it SNOWS?! How do I use a treadmill?). I have always felt 100% comfortable asking KC any question. I highly recommend her for any level of support you need!

~Heidi Maloney 

November 25, 2018


After failing to really stick to a training plan for a 50-mile Ultra, I decided if I wanted to complete my first 100-mile Ultra I would need some help. I heard about Kristina through the RWB run group and I’m glad I did.

Although Kristina wasn’t initially very familiar with training for a 100-mile, she did lots of research and reached out to her connections and became incredibly informed and helpful every step of the way.  It was easy to stay in touch since she followed my progress on Strava and gave me advice and/or motivation every run day. Whether I was over-training or slacking off, Kristina always made sure to keep me on track.

Earlier this month, I successfully completed my first 100-mile Ultra in Seattle and because of the proper training the recovery time was minimal so I was able to enjoy Seattle as well!

~Josh Betts

Lumberjack 100 6/8/19

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